Corporate Responsibility Committees

In Mexico the Direction of Corporate Responsibility is in charge of the Executive Vice President of General Counsel and Institutional Affairs for Mexico and Central America. In Central America the Corporate Responsibility area is in charge of the Direction of Corporate Affairs, which reports directly to the head of Central America.

Corporate Responsibility Management is aimed at:

  1. Involving top management in the accomplishment of stated objectives, the analysis of challenges, in defining plans, and in leading the generation of value.
  2. Establishing a long-term vision and strategic priorities.
  3. Supporting the consolidation of structural changes, policies, and procedures.
  4. Implementing a Corporate Responsibility indicator on the individual performance of top management in their performance evaluations, and that it have an effect on pay raises awarded.

For information on Materiality for Walmart de México y Centroamérica, as well on the vision, strategy, primary results achieved in 2014, and the indicators best describing the scope and performance of our Company in each subject, please turn to the Materiality chapter.