After opening 132 new units in 2014, at the closing of the year we had 2,979 units and 24 distribution centers throughout the 6 countries where we operate. With this extensive coverage network, we are able to meet our customers’ shopping needs. Some 100 new stores were opened: 26 Bodega Aurrerá units; 18 Mi Bodega units; 35 Bodega Aurrerá Express stores; 8 Walmart Supercenters; 4 Sam’s Clubs; 8 Suburbias; and 1 Superama. Our installed capacity in Mexico grew by 3.6% vs. the previous year. In addition, Suburbia opened several units in strategic areas of different cities under a new prototype that reached more customers by offering them a differentiated assortment. At the same time, 32 new units were opened in Central America: 19 Bodega stores; 10 Discount units; 2 Hypermarkets and 1 Supermarket, with which we increased our sales floor by 7.1%.

We not only grew our traditional brick-and-mortar base, but we also offered our customers internet platforms and online applications to buy General Merchandise and Groceries through our, and websites, offering a greater assortment of products and alternatives to our customers.