In order to deliver on our business vision, we need to continuously invest in service initiatives that build our customers’ trust and enhance their shopping experience. Based on our multi-format approach, we have developed a variety of programs to address our customers’ needs, depending on the format.

At Walmart Supercenter, we devoted our efforts to delivering on our commitment of having associates available for fast service at checkouts during rush hours. Also, we retrofitted more stores with service kiosks for our customers, thus helping them obtain better understanding of our eCommerce business.

At Superama, we implemented service protocols to enhance our customers’ shopping experience from the moment they enter our stores, by having associates handing them shopping carts in optimum conditions. Also, we placed 6 shopping basket stations at strategic areas throughout the stores, and committed to reducing the time our customers have to wait on the checkout line.

At Bodega Aurrerá, we went above and beyond conventional standards, and created activities to have a good time with our customers both inside and outside our stores, in order to build a connection with them and their families, and make them feel at home during every visit.

At Suburbia, we provided continuity for our I Love to Serve program by training over 5,000 associates. As part of this initiative, we developed a new customer service protocol to be conducted at checkouts, and created the position of Fitting Room Greeter, who helps our customers with their shopping decisions.

At Sam’s Club, we focused our efforts on faster service for our members at checkouts, and on properly cleaned and illuminated clubs. We also worked on having all our associates show the friendliness and skills our members expect when they ask questions about the products they wish to buy. As a consequence, our Members’ Experience Indicator (IES per its acronym in Spanish) fared better after a quantitative monthly survey was applied and answered by members who had made a purchase during that period, to measure their level of satisfaction with our service. This year we scored the highest since we started applying the survey. This year we created 20 Centers of Excellence, that is, clubs operating under high levels of service standards and in all the areas of the club, aimed at building the foundations for a future Sam’s Club model. This model mainly considers a high level of execution and member service standards.

Additionally, we introduced improvement programs to our home delivery service for Superama and Walmart Supercenter.

We monitored execution standards at points of sale to ensure an increasingly better shopping experience for our customers, which is a key factor in growing sales, by making use of our mystery shopper and corporate call center tools, whose purpose are to make sure service processes in place are followed and thus help Operations implement continuous improvement processes for customer service and item display. These tools work as points of contact with our customers, allowing us to address the issues they raise.

Our customers can reach us at the corporate call center or by e-mailing us at [email protected] (if in Mexico) or [email protected] (if in Central America). This information is posted at the customer service area in all our units and on our corporate website.

On the other hand, mystery shopper is a means by which to measure compliance with service standards at the point of sale, by applying questionnaires to a random sample, assessing issues such as cleanliness, atmosphere, checkout, service, freshness, assortment, and variety.

We also permanently assess our customers’ perception of their shopping experience and value with a monthly monitoring of brand positioning and price perception, compliance level, and characteristics of the value proposition per format.