In Mexico, eCommerce is still small when compared to other markets, however, with ever growing numbers of users online and with mobile platforms. At Walmart de México y Centroamérica we have set the goal of becoming a market leader in this business, leveraging our sound competitive advantages.

During 2014 our customers continued honoring us with their preference via 3 distinct portals:, and According to Comscore data, Walmart de México y Centroamérica is the retailer with the largest number of unique visitors in the sector, thus proving the leading position we are building in a strategic market for future growth.

We reinforced the supply chain used for our eCommerce business, broadening the distribution center currently operated by adding greater storage capacity and infrastructure to support the growth in sales we are experiencing.

In response to the evolution in eCommerce that our country is undergoing, in 2014 we designed metrics capabilities for the digital market and we have progressed in the understanding of purchasing cycles regarding brick-and-mortar and digital stores. This will be key knowledge for the development of insight in the future.

The large physical presence of our stores throughout Mexico is a competitive edge that helps in promoting our business online through more than 150 kiosks set up in our Walmart Supercenters. With these, our customers have the option of selecting the merchandise they want, paying, and then picking up their merchandise at the store, thus constituting yet another way for customers to shop.