Large formats

México and Central America have different demographics, preferences, and income levels. That is why our multi-format platform provides the necessary flexibility to meet the needs of different population sectors. Our large business formats, consisting of self-service stores and membership warehouse clubs, for many years have been the means to take our value proposition to all our customers throughout the region.

One business format that has been around the longest is Bodega Aurrerá, which provides basic, staple goods and household items through a price-based approach. Since 2004 we have been able to take this value proposition to the smaller communities in Mexico under the banner of Mi Bodega. In Central America, bodegas are the newest and fastest growing format. During the last year, 19 new units have been opened throughout the 5 countries, thus operating a total of 94 stores. At the close of the year, a total of 863 bodegas are in operation throughout the region.

Our Walmart Supercenter hypermarkets support those customers that look for assortment and low prices, finding a wide variety in Groceries, Perishables, Apparel, and General Merchandise. As of 2013, the value proposition for this format is supplemented though its eCommerce platform We currently have a total of 273 of these units operating in Mexico and Central America.

The supermarket format presents a value proposition based on quality, convenience and service, offering a broad range of basic and differentiated products. Under the banner of Superama in Mexico, Más x Menos in Costa Rica, La Unión in Nicaragua, La Despensa de Don Juan in El Salvador, and Paiz in Guatemala and Honduras, we are always finding new ways to serve our customers. In Mexico we initiated the home delivery of Groceries, through orders made over the phone, with our website, or via mobile device applications. By the end of 2014 there were a total of 189 supermarkets operating throughout the 6 countries of the region.

Our warehouse membership clubs focus on being leaders in price, volume, and new and differentiated merchandise for businesses and homes. Once again, the eCommerce channel of serves as an alternative way to shop for our advantage and business members. We closed the year with 160 clubs in operation in the 6 countries of the region.