Supplier communication improves our relationships in the benefit of our customers and is an opportunity to know their concerns and ideas. This is the reason why we have developed several permanent communication channels:

The Supplier Advisory Board: made up of 14 companies in Mexico and 64 in Central America, is a space created to exchange ideas and encourage best practices that increase competitiveness.

Supplier and Ethical Hotlines: run by areas not related to merchandising, suppliers can make specific suggestions and file complaints regarding non-compliance ethical standards.

The supplier survey: this is an annual evaluation mechanism with representation from large, small and middle-sized companies. It evaluates and identifies key aspects to improve commercial relationships, increase efficiency and improve in-store execution.

Dialogue sessions: these Top to Top meetings are an open dialogue space with suppliers. In Central America there were 34 additional meetings with executives and 18 global and regional suppliers for the Consumption and Groceries divisions. In Mexico, we coordinate the Win institutional program, striving to increase collaboration with our most important suppliers to leverage accelerated commercial growth.