Supplier standards

The relationship with suppliers of services and of merchandise for sale in stores is covered under the agreement governing the commercial relationship, including clauses related to ethical behavior, anticorruption and labor and environmental liabilities as well as the law in force, according to lay the suppliers agree:

  • Full compliance with the law and regulations in force, including those governing labor-related issues, immigration, health and safety, and the environmental, among others.
  • Ensure voluntary hiring.
  • Prohibit child and forced labor.
  • Legal compliance regarding the number of hours per shift and days off for workers.
  • Implementation of hiring and employment practices that provide information on employees and maintain policies and practices on salaries, terminations, training and work condition.
  • Respecting the right of workers to peacefully and legally join the labor unions of their choice, and to collective bargaining.
  • Ensure that all that all their practices comply with environmental legislation regarding water, air, and waste, as well as all raw materials come from legal sources.
  • Accurate record keeping on all financial information related to commercial ties with the Company.
  • Providing all workers a safe and clean working environment and taking the preventive measures needed to mitigate accidents.
  • Compliance with the Company right to audit/ or verify at any moment and without prior notice.