We continued with the implementation of initiatives to reduce the amount of waste produced. We launched the Reduce, Recycle and Win campaign to adopt the best operating practices with the purpose of reducing the amount of perishable waste, and increasing rates of recovery for recyclable materials.

We consolidated the operation of a multidisciplinary committee to reduce food waste, developing innovative techniques aimed at controlling and reducing shrink with these products, thereby achieving a reduction of 6%, as compared to 2013.

In Central America 100% of the stores, plants and distribution centers have recycling programs, 94% in Mexico.

In Mexico we extended our Collection Drive of Expired Drugs, in conjunction with the National System of Waste Management for Containers and Drugs. Some 193 containers were set up in 10 states, and over 20 tons were collected, thus totaling the collection of over 40 tons of expired drugs since 2012.