Donation guidelines

Community support throughout the region consists on providing financial and in-kind support, offering the commercial platform to small producers as well as promoting volunteer work among our associates, their families and our customers. The Company has transparency and anticorruption guidelines and mechanisms that guarantee the compliance of the corporate purpose for which resources are granted.

In Mexico, FundaciĆ³n Wal-Mart de México, A.C. is a non-profit organization through which community support is channeled. The Foundation has a Board made up of 11 members, 5 of which are independent counsellors who meet every quarter.

In Central America, community support is provided in each country under the responsibility of Corporate Affairs areas and the Corporate Responsibility Committee, which meets twice a year.

Donation policies and process in Mexico include:

  • Temporary public on-line notice, containing defined criteria on the causes and desired social impact as well as the requirements that organizations likely to receive donations are to meet.
  • Project evaluation by a Pre-Selection Committee made up by academy members and company executives not-related to the Foundation.
  • Pertaining law accomplishment review and adherence to anticorruption mechanisms.
  • Review and voting rights by the Board of Walmart Mexico Foundation on the projects best evaluated by the Pre-Selection Committee.
  • Contract preparation processes, including both anticorruption and project development clauses.
  • Social impact indicators follow-up through electronic systems and field visits.

As for in-kind donations, grantee selection is based on installed capacity and social impact generated. In these cases, a review on the compliance of local regulations is performed as well as the application of anticorruption mechanisms and contract.

The donation control electronic system allows us to obtain information on the institution and the project as well as to gather social impact indicators.

In Central America, the process is under the responsibility of the Corporate Affairs area, following the same anticorruption criteria, contracts and project follow-up.