Local programs


The pillar of our community work has always being promoting among our associates and customers a sense of citizenship and community involvement. During this year, local activities were promoted in all stores, incorporating community work in store clusters, which improves team work and creates a greater impact. In addition, the specialized volunteer work was developed for staff associates among Merchandising, Fresh and Logistics areas, which are now included in the development of producers, mentorship programs and the selection of projects to be annually funded.

In order to motivate and acknowledge volunteer work, in the most important celebration of the Company we recognize the volunteer of the year, the format of the year, the city of the year, and the distribution center of the year. This is indeed a source of pride for the Company and an example of the service principle that distinguishes us.

Disaster relief program

In case of natural disasters, the Company focuses on providing support to our associates and their families, providing basic supplies to the rest of the affected population -including food, drinkable water and sanitary products-, restoring the operation in our stores and their supply in the area, as well as opening a support channel for our customers through collection center and care campaigns.

In this manner, the Company uses its logistics, operative and immediate reaction capacities through each store, and the Continuity of Operations Center, that represents all the areas and sets the intervention pathways during a disaster. In addition, we are supported by the Mexican Red Cross and company volunteers to take humanitarian aid to the places in need, achieving proper and timely intervention to support affected populations.