Fighting against hunger

It is somewhat paradoxical to know that despite the fact that around the world a third of food is wasted, there are millions of people who live below the breadline, both in rural and urban areas. Hunger is undoubtedly a reality in the countries we are present, therefore, driving sustainable food access to disadvantaged communities becomes a major responsibility for us. We focus on:

a. Providing in-kind donations, mainly from our stores and distribution centers, to social organizations on the food network.

In Mexico, we work to strengthen the food banks’ capabilities. In Central America we support the consolidation and creation of food banks in Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. In 2014, the food bank operation in Costa Rica promoted the opening of a new branch in the Northeast part of the country known as Guanacaste, which will supply food for social wellness organizations in the area to eventually benefit over 10,000 people.

We work to strengthen internal controls in-kind donation processes in all our stores to improve their quality of delivered products.

b. Contribute to food safety in communities that live below the breadline by driving the construction of kitchen gardens, farms and water catchment systems. This program promotes sustainable food access, the increase of available income and women empowerment, creating a development platform of production capabilities.