Work-life balance, health and safety

In 2014 we focused on improving work areas with better lighting which, in addition to saving 40% in energy costs, creates a better work environment, reducing fatigue and stress. In addition, we improved the offerings of healthy meals in our dining areas and remodeled all restrooms.

Thanks to our program for quality-of-life transfers, we were able to move 7,466 associates to work centers closer to their homes.

Since its inception, the Work-Life Balance initiative has focused on promoting a healthy and family-oriented life. This program includes agreements to facilitate or reduce expenses related to education, different services, and entertainment activities for all our associates. Thanks to these negotiations, 207,541 associates were able to save the equivalent to 41 million pesos.

In work-related services, there are different programs, such as:

  • PrevenIMSS, which offers conferences on different health-related issues, such as smoking, cancer, and HIV, in addition to launching campaigns related to health and influenza. With this program, 27,164 associates were benefited in Mexico.
  • Walmart in Action, which focuses on 4 basic themes: physical activity, emotional health, personal finances, and nutrition.
  • Distribution of healthy menus created by the Mexican Social Security Institute –IMSS.
  • My Sustainability Program, which provides staff associates different ideas to improve habits that can lead to a positive change in their quality of life and also help the environment.
  • Medical consults in home offices, and nutrition services through which over 21,318 associates in Mexico were benefited.
  • Breast-feeding rooms at the home offices.

In 2014, associate support programs during natural disasters assisted 796 associates and their families with 11 million pesos for recovery of belongings.

Flex-time programs offer the possibility of improving work-life balance through the following elements:

  • Post-natal for mothers and fathers: allowing mothers to phase back into work gradually, through the first 7 months of the newborn’s life; foster greater involvement of fathers by allowing them to work a 6-hour day during the first month of the newborn’s life.
  • Operations associates: this includes different policies such as no changes to the work shift during the nursing period; special working hours for students; quality-of-life transfers; fixed working hours for single parents; additional time off each quarter; and one weekend off each month.

We consider safe working conditions a fundamental responsibility. Accident prevention programs describing the measures and actions to be undertaken in different circumstances have the support of a team of experts in health and safety, and they conduct constant audits and implement any improvements needed in all units and distribution centers. Based on this, we document and disseminate good practices, which are supplemented by training, proper equipment, and communication campaigns aimed at the nature of the work being done.