Shared Value
Walmart’s purpose is to save people money and help them live a better life.
For us there is no distinction between being a responsible citizen and a successful business. We aspire to be the most trusted omnichannel retail chain, so our stakeholders can feel very proud of it.
To achieve this virtuous circle, Walmart - Stakeholders, we require the firm commitment of our leaders to develop skills and new forms of knowledge, as well as dialogue with our stakeholders to consider their needs.
Shared Value creation model
A company of our size - with 238,972 thousand associates, 2,200 millions of customers, 42,224 thousand suppliers, and presence in 675 cities in the region - can and must contribute significantly to sustainable development. This is why we believe in our approach: Shared Value.
Our company has always been a value-based and ethically driven organization, guided by our principles that drive our decisions and leadership.
Each of these actions is aligned with our purpose of saving customers’ money and helping them live a better life, with the vision of contributing to improving the quality of life of families in the region. We achieve this through our way of working, together with all our stakeholders. Together, we generate Shared Value to society and the planet to enhance economic, environmental, and social development.
Building this virtuous circle leads us to be the most reliable omnichannel chain, of which we all feel very proud.
ESG priorities
We have defined three strategic pillars for our company based on our strategic approach and on material issues for our stakeholders:
We keep our strategy updated through a continuous improvement process and we share our commitments, progress and challenges with all of our stakeholders:
UN Global Compact
We are proud to announce that this year has become an UN Global Compact signatory, strengthening our commitment to take action, operate responsibly in line with the ten principles, and take strategic action in advancing towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Being a member of the United Nations Global Compact helps Walmart de México y Centroamérica to firmly integrate sustainability in its company strategy. As well as providing the right framework for our long-term commitment to responsible and ethical business practices.
Contributing to theSDG
Our priority SDGs
Our Shared Value strategy responds to the global challenges affecting our business and our stakeholders, from inequality and human rights to climate change and food waste.
The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a focus for how businesses, governments and civil society can tackle these challenges in order to promote a more sustainable future for all.
Walmart de México y Centroamérica contributes in different ways and to different degrees to all the SDGs. In line with UN Global Compact guidance, we have identified the goals that are particularly relevant to us: where expectations, risks and opportunities for the company are bigger, and where we can make the most significant contribution.
Gender equality
At Walmart, talent has no gender, which is why we work to maintain a balance in all areas of the business and have been recognized by the Bloomberg index for the third consecutive year.
This commitment to gender equality in the company has been possible thanks to the construction of a holistic Inclusion and Diversity strategy with a main focus on gender; focused not only on the inclusion of women, but also on their inclusion in leadership positions, development of female talent, and wellness programs (maternity and paternity).
Health & Wellness
We are part of the Consumer Goods Forum, and in alliance with other companies, we launched two initiatives in our stores in Mexico and Central America: "Mexico Ponte Bien" and "Dale un Giro Saludable a tu Vida", which are aimed at providing more information and helping our consumers make decisions that favor their health.
We also offer affordable medical consultation services in stores so that the communities around us have options and avoid self-medication.
Dignified work and economic growth
We are the main private employer in the region, we offer direct and formal jobs, where the respect for labor rights established in the legislation of the different countries is prioritized, with salaries above the legal minimum, policies and processes that guarantee the security of the employees when they do their jobs, contributions to social security, as well as other labor conditions that comply with the standards of dignified work.
Climate action
We are aligned with the principles of the Paris Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC). We have Walmart Inc.'s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 and we seek to do so alongside our suppliers with the "Gigaton" program. It seeks to eliminate one billion tons of GHG emissions in Walmart Inc.'s global supply chains.
Responsible production and consumption
We implement plans that favor circular economies, taking advantage of our logistic network for the best use of materials such as cardboard, plastic, etc. We are parties to the Global Plastics Declaration promoted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. In Mexico, in 2019, we signed the National Agreement for the New Economy of Plastics. We are committed to making our brand product packaging recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2025.
End of poverty
We provide access to quality, low-priced products to remote communities. Through the Bodega Aurrera, Mi Bodega, and Bodega Aurrera Express formats, Walmart reaches remote areas with low population density. For example, the Mi Bodega format is present in municipalities with high levels of marginalization, such as San Pedro Mixtepec and San Pedro Pochutla in Oaxaca and in Ocosingo and Huixtla in Chiapas.
In case of natural disasters, we bring food and volunteer support to affected communities. Through the fair purchase program to small farmers, we offer development opportunities to disadvantaged regions.
Zero hunger
We have a permanent food donation program through a food bank network that we support in infrastructure and training, covering the six countries where we operate.
We have a food security program in rural areas: family gardens and farms, as well as rainwater harvesting systems.
Quality educacion
We have academies to support our associates’ development, where they acquire specialized knowledge that will help them develop skills and advance in their professional career.
We support our associates with scholarships to finish their studies.
Clean water and sanitation
We understand that water is an increasingly scarce resource. That's why we seek to make the most of it. All of our big format stores are built with a wastewater treatment plant.
We use treated water in our stores for toilets and irrigation of green areas. We collaborate with local governments to develop and implement water-saving programs in regions of the country with high hydric stress, such as Mexico City and Puebla.
Affordable and clean energy
We take advantage of the enormous geographic potential offered by the region in which we operate, which allows us to set ourselves the goal of supplying our operation with 100% energy from renewable sources. Much of our energy consumption comes from wind, water, and solar sources.
Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
In order for our business to operate optimally, we invest in the modernization and expansion of our logistics network. We built new Distribution Centers equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to increase productivity and strengthen the country's logistics infrastructure.
Our stores are designed to reduce environmental impact by incorporating innovative technologies to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions.
Sustainable cities and communities
Through the Zero Waste program we seek to reduce waste generation and find mechanisms to prevent it from reaching landfills.
In partnership with Socialab, the seventh edition of the Sustainable Innovation Award was held, which consisted of rewarding the best projects that benefit and care for the environment.
Reducing inequality
We operate in six countries within a region with marked inequalities, which is why we have diversity and inclusion policies that allow us to be aware of the gaps and the need to create policies to limit them.
Submarine life
We have a purchasing policy in which we commit that, by the year 2025, all fish and seafood, fresh and frozen, as well as canned tuna must come from certified sustainable sources or with a fisheries improvement project in place.
Terrestrial ecosystem life
We are committed to achieving zero deforestation in the palm oil and paper/pulp supply chain for our brand products by the end of 2020.
Furthermore, through our volunteers we planted more than 50,000 trees in 2019 in Mexico.
Peace, justice, and strong institutions
Respect for the individual is one of our fundamental values and the guiding principle of everything we do. We firmly believe that respect is the main foundation of peace, equality, and justice.
Goal-oriented partnerships
We have alliances with suppliers under the concept of extended responsibility in the care of the environment, among which our recycling and post-consumption collection programs stand out, such as: "Recicla la lata", Biobox, Allen.
Alliance with Modelo for responsible alcohol consumption.
Partnerships with NGOs such as Technoserve and those of the foundation to bring prosperity to disadvantaged communities.
Behind a great experience is Walmart de México y Centroamérica
Behind a great experience is Walmart de México y Centroamérica
Behind a great experience is Walmart de México y Centroamérica
Behind a great experience is Walmart de México y Centroamérica
Detrás de una gran experiencia, está Walmart de México y Centroamérica
Behind a great experience is Walmart de México y Centroamérica
Behind a great experience is Walmart de México y Centroamérica