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Bait users

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Cashi users

Ecosystem of Choice

With our customers at the center of our decisions, we identified the most valued services around the shopping experience and their priority needs, and we are building an interconnected ecosystem that allows our customers to get products and services seamlessly, also giving them access to new digital economy opportunities, helping them to save money and time.







Bait Connectivity

In keeping with our purpose, we are helping people save money and live better by offering the connectivity they need at affordable prices, and rewards them for shopping in our stores.

Our value proposition is based on three elements:

1. Low prices:

Our commercial offering is more attractive, with low rates

2. Maximum speed coverage:

We offer the experience of speed provided by the 4.5 LTE network

3. Connecting through your purchases:

For every purchase made in our stores, our customers are rewarded through our Mi Bait app


We offer low-cost and flexible financial services, giving our clients access to the digital economy and delighting them with new experiences.

Our financial services have three pillars:

1. Digital Wallet:

our customers and members can perform cash top ups on the app, and use their balance to pay for different services in our stores and clubs

2. Credit:

our goal is to provide access to financial services so customers can buy their favorite products and pay for them later

3. Remittances:

we activated our remittances-collection services at all our checkouts


Walmart is a leading omnichannel retailer in México and Central America because we put the customer first. By using our resources to create more meaningful connections between our customers and advertising partners, we are expanding and enriching our ecosystem for everyone’s benefit.

Our offering is based on two pillars:

1. Our scope:

by adding our traffic in our stores and digital channel, we become a nationwide mass communication media.

2. Customer intelligence:

knowing what our customers buy provides us with a competitive advantage.