of total energy consumption comes from sustainable sourcess


tons of virgin plastic in our operations and Private Brands products


We aspire to become a regenerative company where nature and humanity at the center of our business practices. Thus, we will focus on protecting and restoring nature as we comprehend its relevance for the stability of ecosystems, biodiversity conservation and our collective well-being.

189.8 million

pesos invested in sustainable initiatives

126.3 million

pesos saved by implementing sustainable initiatives

Priorities 2040

Our three priorities are:

1. Mitigate climate change by reducing emissions in our operations and in our supply chain.

2. Contribute to the creation of a circular economy by avoiding waste generation, reducing the use of natural resources and reusing materials in new value cycles.

3. Help conserve natural capital through sustainable sourcing.


In 2021, we advanced to achieve our goals and obtained the following results:


Zero Emissions by 2040

Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions in 18% by 2025, compared to 2015


scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction vs 2020

MX: -5.4%
CAM: 11.7%


energy reduction vs 2020

MX: -1.4%
CAM: 0.6%

Source 100% of our energy from renewable sources by 2035


of total energy consumption comes from sustainable sources

MX: 60.6%
CAM: 0.6%

Work with our suppliers to to reduce or avoid GHG emissions equivalent to 1 gigaton in our global supply chains, by 2030


suppliers participated in Project Gigaton

MX: 601
CAM: 175

cambio climatico

Circular economy

Zero waste to landfill by 2025

Reduce food waste generation by 50%, by 2025


achievement towards Zero Waste goal

MX: 71.8%
CAM: 50.4%


m3 of landfill released

MX: 3,401,396
CAM: 185,571

By 2025, all of Private Brands packaging:


of our packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable


post-consumer material is incorporated in Private Brands’ packaging

Reduce 3,000 tons of virgin plastic from our operations and Private Brands products by 2025, compared to 2020


tons of virgin plastic reduction vs 2020, in Mexico

Natural capital

By 2025, Private Brands products will use palm oil, paper, pulp and timber from certified sustainable sources.


of palm oil and palm oil by products used in Private Brands are RSPO or o Rainforest Alliance certified in Mexico


in Central America


of the total volume of paper, pulp and timber we use in Mexico comes from certified sources such as FSC, PEFC and SFI or includes recycled content


in Central America

By 2025, fresh and frozen seafood and canned tuna will be sourced from certified sustainable sources or Fishery Improvement Projects


of our fish and seafood are certified as sustainable or come from a Fishery Improvement Project, in Mexico


in Central America


of our canned tuna is MSC certified, in Mexico


Circular Economy


  • Inorganic: Plastic
  • Inorganic: Cardboard
  • Organic

We understand the role we have in promoting circular economy, since we have a supply chain of more than 86,000 suppliers and, on the other hand, we are the point of contact with more than 5 million customers. In this chart illustrates some examples of how we have advanced toward circular economy.

In addition, we have initiatives in place to recover different materials in partnership with our suppliers.

The 2021 results are as follows:

Recycle the can


Installation of machines in a alliance with Grupo Herdez to recycle tin cans, which are then reused in wind turbines (wind energy devices) to benefit the community.

The 2021 results are as follows:


tons of waste recovered, 114,810 tin cans


machines in store

Tree by Tree, your City Becomes Green


Christmas tree collection in alliance with Mexico City and Colima’s governments. The trees collected are then transformed into compost for parks, gardens and forests.


recovered tres


recovering centers

Recycle to Win


Installation of machines in alliance with AlEn del Norte to recycle PET and HDPE containers, which are processed to produce containers used by the same company.

The 2021 results are as follows:


tons of waste recovered, -9% vs 2020


machines in stores in Nuevo León

For the first time, we developed two pilot projects to recover used vegetable oil and school uniforms from our customers, with Capullo and Vanish, respectively

Expired medicines


Collection of expired medicines in alliance with the National System of Waste Management of Medicines Packaging A.C., (SINGREM, by its acronym in Spanish) to ensure proper final disposal.


tons of waste recovered, -9% vs. 2020


containers in 12 states

Reverse vending machines


Installation of machines to recycle PET and aluminum containers in alliance with BioBox. In exchange, our customers receive a bonus through an App to pay for various services.


tons of waste Recovered, 157,788 containers


machines in stores

Coffee capsules


Installation of containers to recover and recycle Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee capsules. Organic waste is transformed into compost, and inorganic waste is transformed into plastic wood that will be used to develop new products in collaboration with Nestlé.


tons of waste recovered, +65% vs 2020


containers in stores and clubs

Glass recycling


Installation of containers to recycle food-grade glass to make new bottles in collaboration with Grupo Modelo.


tons of waste recovered, +198% vs. 2020


containers in stores


Textiles with recycled polyester

This year we developed our first project in Mexico related to the incorporation of materials with lower environmental impact in our textile products. We included fibers with recycled polyester in the composition of six models of George brand jackets for the winter season in 2021, with 44% recycled polyester.

  • 163,850
    PET bottles were used to made jackets

  • 3,000kg
    of CO2e were avoided

By 2022, we will have in our sales floor swimsuits for men and backpacks made with recycled polyester

Cotton LEADS

As of November 2021, we have a permanent catalog in stores with garments certified by Cotton LEADS. This certification ensures and provides traceability of the production and sustainable sourcing of cotton throughout the chain of custody.

We have 48 garment models on the sales floor with Cotton LEADS labelsSM