In keeping with our mission, strategic inclusion of Corporate Responsibility in our business dealings is considered absolutely necessary. Consequently, we have a Corporate Responsibility Committee -one in Mexico and the other in Central America- whose duties include defining long-term strategy for the Company, adjusting business, and decision-making processes pertinent to each of the material subjects. During Committee sessions, special attention is paid to understanding the meaning of Corporate Responsibility for their specific work areas, and acting in accordance with the same.

The CEO presides over the Committee, whose members include the principal Vice Presidents for each of the areas of the Company. Their involvement is fundamental to strengthening Corporate Responsibility and to ensuring the commitment to always doing the right thing in social, environmental, and governance issues. This Committee reports to the Board of Directors of the Company.

Primary responsabilities

Establishing a long-term vision and strategic priorities that are based on what is best for our customers, our business, and for society in general

Analyzing risks and internally identifying opportunities that arise so as to improve our performance

Supporting the consolidation of structural changes, and establishing action plans, indicators, policies, and procedures

Leading the Company towards national and international trends aimed at maintaining our leadership position