Diversity and Inclusion

Our policies clearly state that discrimination and/or harassment is strictly forbidden, regardless of the situation of the individual, including ethnic origin or nationality; skin color; culture; gender and/or sexual identity; age; disabilities; social, economic, health, or legal situations; religion; physical appearance; genetic characteristics; migratory status; pregnancy; language; opinions; sexual preferences; political identity or affiliations; marital status; family conditions and/or responsibilities; criminal background; or any other reason that may hinder or annul recognition or enjoyment of rights and equal opportunities.

Advisory Councils on
Diversity and Inclusion

There are two Advisory Councils on Diversity and Inclusion–one in Mexico and the other in Central America- having high level team leaders who are in charge of promoting programs and initiatives that enable the identification, development and retention of diverse talent so as to encourage participation at all levels of the organization and to generate an inclusive work environment.

Objectives of the
members of the

Advisory Council:

equality between
men and women

monitoring, and


Overseeing the
existence of policies,
procedures, and

Serving as a
surveillance body

the proper
gender balance among

Ensuring efforts
to strengthen a
culture of diversity
and inclusion

inclusion programs
for different groups

All our work centers in
Mexico are certified

Actions to prevent and
manage cases of on-
the-job violence were implemented

wage equality


National Standard for Labor Equality
and Non-Discrimination

In Mexico we achieved certification in this standard because our policies and practices are in full compliance with labor equality, non-discrimination, and inclusion requirements set forth by the Department of Labor and Social Welfare, the National Women’s Institute, and the National Council for the Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination.


and non-discrimination
practices in all recruitment,
selection, mobility, and
training processes have
been incorporated

Joint responsibility
are conducted regarding the work, personal, and family life of our associates with equal treatment and opportunities

Pride Connection México

We joined Pride Connection, becoming one of the 49 companies who are part of this group in Mexico. In Central America we have an interinstitutional alliance between Walmart and other companies; likewise, preparations are underway to create the Pride Connection program in Costa Rica. In Mexico and in Central America we participated for the first time in the LGBT+ Pride Parade, which was headed by our CEO.

HRC Equidad MX

We have been certified as one of the companies that promotes LGBT+ diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The certification is awarded by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC), who reviews company policies, benefits and practices.

Inclusion of
People with Disabilities

A diagnosis was performed regarding structural conditions, work environment, and positions to obtain an updated status on inclusion in the organization, thus allowing us to have a list of our areas of improvement and to conduct inclusive work plans. Training on these subjects was conducted with associates, customers, and suppliers with disabilities.

541 associates with disabilities

Central America has implemented theInclusion Plan for People with Disabilities, which entailed contacting and developing interinstitutional alliances, conducting an accessibility study and job analysis, by disability, to increase the hiring rate of people with disabilities. Recruiters were trained on how to attract, hire, and train people with disabilities, via training courses for HR consultants, with the goal of raising awareness and developing skillsets in interviewing processes for different types of disabilities.rrollar habilidades en el proceso de entrevistas para diferentes tipos de discapacidad.

Inclusive Ambassadors Program

In Central America, a group of associates signed a code of honor topromote inclusion and diversity; in 2018, they will participate in a specific training program on the development of inclusive competencies.

345 inclusive


We encouraged the exchange of information between generations, implementing programs such as Reverse Mentoring, whereby our Millennials instructed members of the Executive Committee.

in digital skills for apps
and social networks