Guarantee Our Brands come from certified sustainable sources

Develop closed-cycle initiatives with suppliers

Reducing food
waste by 50%

Reducing GHG
by 18%

Contribute to the Gigaton global objective, reducing emissions by one billion tons

Ensure sustainable supply of the top 20 commodities


Train recruitment associates in diversity and inclusion subjects

Enhance development programs of supply chain to ensure their permanence

Become the safest company to work and shop

Extend the catalogue of healthy and sustainable items within Our Brands

Increase available income in communities we support

Continue to promote associate diversity

Encourage economic mobility within the supply chain

Become a company with zero associate accidents

Boost greater sustainability and healthiness among top selling items

Ensure balance in philanthropic activities

Maintain and enhance all the necessary conditions to be considered as the best place to work

Guarantee responsible supply of the items we merchandise

Become a company with zero supplier accidents

Encourage our customers to consume products in a more healthy and sustainable manner

Contribute to the economic prosperity of those communities where we operate

Corporate Governance

Improve our transparency level for our stakeholders

Promote increasingly diverse and transparent Corporate Governance

Achieve optimum maturity
levels in all compliance

Advance our Corporate Governance
involvement in the Company’s
Environmental, Social
and Governance performance (ESG)

Guarantee zero corruption-related incidents

Be a role model in terms of Corporate Governance