In 2016 we improved our customers’ shopping experience, enabling them to buy the products of their choice in an easier and more comfortable way. We strengthened the tools that allow us to better understand their shopping habits and buying needs; we enhanced our value offering in key areas; we broadened our availability of Our Brands; and we extended our financial services portfolio, thus giving them the freedom to shop in our stores -either physical or digital- so the experience can be quicker, simpler and safer.

We extended
our in-store and online
product catalog
We Began
rolling out the concept of Centers
of Excellence to our self-service units
we reinforced

Multichannel experience

Our customers’ buying needs evolve constantly and therefore we have worked to provide a value proposition in each of our business formats that is aimed at meeting their expectations regarding price, assortment, and quality, with an ever wider range of availability in our stores and/or online portals.


centers of Excellence

Based on the positive results achieved by Sam’s Club during previous years, during this past year we decided to expand the Centers of Excellence program to our self-service formats. Through this initiative we established higher service and operation standards in our stores, with the goal of exceeding our customers’ expectations and adapting quicker and easier to their needs.



This year we established resources and efforts meant to drive our value proposition in the Perishables division, making improvements in freshness, assortment, price, and presentation with the purpose of generating customer loyalty and enhancing their shopping experience.


General Merchandise

We continuously work to consistently offer our customers a wide and competitive assortment of General Merchandise, in line with their needs and current preferences. Throughout 2016 we made considerable progress within the Electronics and Seasonal items divisions, ensuring that our products are always found, at the best possible prices and in all available channels.


Our Brands

As part of our mission of helping our customers save money and live better, in 2016 we offered a greater assortment of Our Brands, thus providing access to additional options at low prices without sacrificing quality, available both in our self-service stores and our clubs.


Financial Services

This year our customers were able to increase their shopping capacity in our stores through new credit solutions and service payments developed with the purpose of becoming the preferred destination for buying what they need.


satisfaction and protection

Our social media have played a strategic role, as it allows us to hear and respond directly to our customers and members. We have therefore been able to greatly increase the level of interaction, building relationships based on reinforced loyalty and commitment.