We have different supply chain programs that promote economic mobility.

Our development platforms are designed according to the nature of the suppliers, so as to equip them with the know-how and experience needed to become suppliers, to achieve permanence and sustainable growth with us, and to increase their capacity to grow into other markets.

Women-Owned Businesses is a global initiative launched in 2011 whose purpose is to empower businesswomen, provide them greater access to markets, and give them the tools they need to grow their enterprises. In 2016, in Mexico we met our objective of doubling the number of purchases from 109 female entrepreneurs, 11 of which participated in a program with Endeavor Mexico; it included mentoring to strengthen financial, administrative, operating, and commercial skills.

Adopt an SME in Mexico and A Growing Hand in Central America are programs that seek to support businesses through our Merchandising and Supplier Development departments. The Programs are a form of temporary support so as to help small-sized businesses increase their productivity, competitiveness, sales, and product positioning in our self-service units. There are currently 115 suppliers participating in the 2nd generation of Adopt an SME, whose purpose is to help them grow their sales by 50% within 18 months.

Small Farm in Mexico, and Fertile Soil in Central America are social programs with business ties and whose purpose is to assist low-income farmers facing considerable difficulties, thus we help them develop diversified cropping techniques based on real market needs.

We assisted over 1,800 low-income growers this year by providing consultancy services on seed quality, soil use, crop yield and quality, efficient use of agro-chemicals, and crop rotation, as well as matters regarding logistics and other things needed to reinforce their transition from farmer to businessmen.

Each year we survey our large, medium, and small-sized suppliers in Mexico with a third-party questionnaire, thereby obtaining an annual indicator that ranks the self-service and Sam’s Club divisions in the market. This survey helps us to identify key points for improving dialogue and commercial relationships, increasing efficiency, and achieving better execution in our units. G4-PR5

The Supplier Advisory Board has allowed us to extend the dialogue with our commercial partners, especially regarding the Consumer, Grocery, Perishables, and General Merchandise divisions. The Board encompasses 13 companies in Mexico and 67 in Central America; the primary goal is to foster the exchange of ideas and establish collaborative working models that help to increase the competitiveness of our suppliers, with the purpose of benefiting our customers.