Our customers expect a pleasant shopping experience with the best possible range of products, at the best possible prices, and in a convenient location. Consequently, this year we implemented the Customer Experience Index (IEC, Per ITS Acronym in spanish) in each of our formats and the Member Experience Index in our clubs (IES, Per ITS Acronym in spanish).

We monitored their shopping experiences in all our units, which included verifying their satisfaction with our assortments, freshness, product availability, prices, cleanliness, service provided by our associates, among other factors. These scores help us to improve our decision-making processes in our Centers of Excellence, ensuring optimum operation in keeping with customer needs; in 2017, we will establish objectives that are included in the performance evaluations of our store managers.

In addition, we have included the multichannel Contact Center on our Corporate website, available 24/7, and which consists of the Telephone Service Centers (CAT, Per ITS Acronym in spanish) that are tailor-made for each business format. They include the option of scheduled calls according to the time selected by the customer, email contact, and online chats. Moreover, our eCommerce sites have a 01 800 number, email, and chat possibilities to serve orders made.

In 2016, through the CATs we served more than 600,000 calls per month, responding to 100% of claims made and of which 66% were handled within a maximum period of 48 hours. In Central America, we served over 310,000 calls from customers

Our respect for the privacy of our customers’ data is a top priority. We have policies and procedures to ensure that all personal data, regardless of how and when received, is managed with the utmost sensitivity, security, and in keeping with all applicable laws, regulations and standards. With this in mind, we have areas devoted to Consumer Protection and Privacy, which report to the Vice President of Ethics and Compliance. Said areas are in charge of writing and implementing said policies and procedures. Likewise, every area of the Company has a Privacy Ambassador in charge of defining the necessary action plans. As a consequence, we received no claims on privacy violation matters and/or the improper release of customer data in 2016. G4-PR5, PR8