We currently have over 150 Supercenters that offer delivery service for general merchandise, through which the customers can pick up products purchased at walmart.com.mx.

We have equipped more units with the Ship from Store service, through which we send products direct from our units in Mexico, thereby reducing delivery times, shipment costs and storage needs. In keeping with our value proposition, this year we added new categories to our catalog, including home security items such as wireless cameras and movement sensors.

Superama continues improving what we offer in Seasonal merchandise, bringing the hottest licenses of the moment. The campaign we launched –Grill Masters- offers solutions and promotes products such as different beef cuts, sausages and hot dogs, and grills for customers seeking an optimum barbecue experience. We also launched the NFL campaign this year, starting with a display of exclusive products at the start of the season and ending on Superbowl Sunday, with an event devoted to our customers in which the game is broadcast and special products and recipes available in Superama are offered.