Reducing the amount of waste in our operation is a priority. We are fully aware that waste products are poorly used resources that increase costs for our business, our customers and society in general. Our waste management prioritizes the reuse, recycling and, where possible, donations.

In total, we generated 375,041 tons of wastes in Mexico, of which 138,216 tons are solid urban waste, 236,210 tons of specially handled waste, and 615 tons of hazardous waste. G4-EN23, EN25

We have continued with our collection program in stores and DCs, for recyclable materials. In 2016 we were able to collect and recycle 6% more than in 2015.

In 2016, we improved waste measurement, adding new waste streams to the inventory.

The reduction of food wastes is one of our top priorities. Over 13,000 tons less than last year was accomplished, representing some 27%, at comp stores, thanks to joint actions undertaken by different areas of the Company, reducing perishable product-shrink in Mexico. There has also been attention paid to products suitable for human consumption, making sure they are properly sent as donations to food banks and so they are not wasted either.