The favorable results achieved this year are the product of operational improvements throughout our entire value chain, supported by a technological infrastructure that is increasingly sounder and which helps us to generate savings and establish closer ties with our customers and their shopping needs.

availability of our products
has increased
We Received
the National Logistics Award
We widened
Our internal communications network
  • Multichannel platform
  • Logistics
  • Technological Infrastructure

Multichannel platform

To maintain a constant growth rate in sales and profits, it is crucial to invest continuously in productivity initiatives that reinforce our multichannel platform, which in turn encompasses operating units, openings, and online portals.



We work on having an ever more efficient distribution network that facilitates product supply to our stores, reduces expenses, and allows us to better serve an increasing number of customers faster and satisfy their shopping preferences.


Technological Infrastructure

The digital transformation of our Company helps to drive the present and the future of our business, with technological tools that make processes simpler and improve how much we know our customers.