We have learned that environmental sustainability is a path paved with challenges that demands sustainable commitment, flexibility, and adaptability to new conditions.

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  • Our 10th anniversary
  • Wastes
  • Energy
  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Natural resources and biodiversity

Our 10th anniversary

Ten years ago we assumed the challenge of operating our business in a more sustainable fashion, seeking to minimize our environmental impact.



It is our aspiration to evolve to a circular economy, where materials may be reincorporated to a new economic cycle instead of being sent to a dump site or sanitary landfill.



During 2016 we were supplied with 1,587 GWh of renewable energy, which represents 72% of our total energy use, thus achieving 53% accomplishment towards our goal of 3,000 GWh of renewable energy by 2025.


Sustainable supply chain

We concentrated on reducing the environmental impact of products we sell. Likewise, we consistently communicate to our customers different ways to care for the environment.


natural resources and biodiversity

We aspire to natural resource conservation through the mitigation of environmental impact in forests, driving best farming practices.