Our values -Integrity, Respect for the Individual, Customer Service, and the Strive for Excellence- set us aside from the rest and are the cornerstone of our culture. We are firmly committed to these values and under no circumstances are they negotiable. All our associates companywide, regardless of level, are responsible for understanding and complying with our Statement of Ethics, which is based on these values. G4-HR9

The Ethics Office in our Company reports to the EVP and General Counsel for Legal and Institutional Affairs for Mexico and Central America, and its primary duty is to disseminate and promote a culture of ethical behavior, of strict compliance with legal provisions that govern us, and handling any and all ethics-related inquiries and cases received. The Audit Committee receives periodic reports.

We are committed to maintaining a work atmosphere that encourages our associates to express their concerns regarding possible violations of our Statement of Ethics

and we forbid reprisals against anyone who does so. There are different internal communication mechanisms such as the Open-Door Policy, which is the most direct way of raising concerns with the leader; our Global Ethics Line is available for all associates worldwide, 24-7, and is equipped to serve the majority of local languages spoken. This line is operated by personnel from an organization independent of the Company. G4-HR6, SO11

In 2015, 1,850 cases were reported in Mexico, of which none were concerning the violation of human rights of indigenous communities. The disciplinary measures enforced may vary from verbal coaching for improvement to the dismissal of those involved, depending on the decisions reached. All ethics issues reported are confidentially investigated to determine if any law, policy or the Statement of Ethics has been violated.
G4-HR3, HR7, HR8, HR12

During the year we also gave Statement of Ethics courses to our Operations and Staff associates, covering 70% and 91%, respectively, which represents 246,397 hours of training. Associates from Loss Prevention are continuously receiving training on policies, procedures, Walmart Culture, ethics, and anticorruption, thus raising their awareness and reinforcing the proper way to comply with all human rights issues. Security personnel subcontracted by Walmart are obligated to include clauses that are in line with the principles of human rights and they cover, among other things, anticorruption and compliance with all laws in force. What is more, the agreements signed by and between Walmart and our suppliers have a clause regarding being informed on our Statement of Ethics. G4-HR2, HR3, HR7, HR8, HR12, SO11

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