Convinced that our values are of the utmost importance, at Walmart de México y Centroamérica we make an effort to convey confidence and transparency among our stakeholders. This is a fundamental subject of leadership because our continued success hinges on everyone’s commitment to do the right thing for our customers, for ourselves, and for the well-being of our business.

This year we continued to work on the six elements of the Compliance Program: leadership, standards and controls, training, communication, risk analysis, and monitoring and response, all with the purpose of increasing the level of maturity of the areas that are part of the same.

The Mexico and Central America VPs for Compliance, who report to the VPs for Compliance LATAM and International, have a team of more than 470 associates and experts across the 14 program areas. Moreover, Continued Improvement deparment monitors activity in key business units and provides training, follow-up, and designs remediation plans for the compliance findings identified during the visits made to the units.

The Matrix for Compliance, Annual E-certification, and continuous training of our associates are fundamental mechanisms in the assurance process for said program. We have incorporated certain compliance indicators for top management, which are factors for their performance reviews.

Anticorruption continues to be a primary focus for the Compliance Program. The anticorruption team, which is led by Directors in Mexico and Central America, is charged with developing and executing the principles and processes that are part of the Global Anticorruption Procedure, based on risk analysis. It is also in charge of training our associates as well as third-party intermediaries and commercial partners. • In 2015, classroom or online training was received by more than 43,000 associates and more than 1,370 suppliers in Mexico and Central America.

Due diligence was performed on those suppliers having any type of interaction with government agencies so as to verify if said suppliers have been directly or indirectly involved in any form of corruption whatsoever; if this involvement is with a government official, the purpose is to determine if these assumptions could constitute a risk for the Company and any negative social impact. This process must be renewed at least every two years so as to ensure that there have been no significant changes in the supplier structure and that there are no risk factors of corruption that could affect the status of being approved as a supplier. All approved suppliers obtain training in the Anticorruption Policy to guarantee knowledge of the same and to ensure compliance throughout the commercial relationship. G4-SO3, SO4, SO9, SO10

Read our Anticorruption Policy

As a result of our efforts to always do the right thing, and because of the processes, training and controls that we have, we are very proud to be able to categorically state:

  1. We make no contributions to any political party or to any related institution G4-SO6
  2. We have neither incurred in antitrade practices nor acted against free enterprise G4-SO7
  3. We received no fines or significant non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations
  4. We received no claims on privacy violation matters and/ or the improper release of customer data