In 2015 we consolidated initiatives that help us reduce water use in our stores and DCs, and we continue with the recovery of water condensate from air conditioning equipment.

As part of our Installation Program for Wastewater Treatment Plants in Mexico, we set up the first plant with low-voltage ionic electroflocculation, completely developed by Mexican researchers and which provides considerable advantages with regards to biological plants.

This plant, for example, consumes 1/10 the electricity needed, uses half the space, requires only 30 minutes for treatment –as compared to the 24 hours required by a biological plant- and the resulting sludges are inert, thus eliminating the need for a sludge treatment system. The existing treatment plants plus this new technology allow us to reutilize 1,890,827 m3 of treated water and discharge 2,550,488 m3 of water into drains with the quality required by existing legislation. The treated water complies with standards NOM 001, 002, and 003, using biological systems. G4-EN10, EN22

A campaign to detect and repair water leaks in stores in Mexico took place, thus reducing water consumption by 7.2%, as compared to 2014. Store associates in Mexico City received training in enhanced water-saving techniques.

According to corresponding criteria, our regional consumption is not significant, thus water sources have not been negatively affected by water catchment. G4-EN9

For the fourth consecutive year, we have reported our water management performance in the CDP platform.