Our Customer Insight and Analytics department is the voice of our customers within the Company, ensuring they are always at the center of relevant decisions for the business.

We measure customer satisfaction by using qualitative and quantitative analyses and detailed customer interviews regarding shopping experience in our units. Furthermore, we ask for ongoing feedback from various formal channels set up within the Company through key performance indicators created in conjunction with our operators.

Our customers can contact us via our corporate call center or [email protected] in Mexico, and [email protected], in Central America. These options are available at the Customer Service area of all of our units, and at our corporate site.

We enhanced our call center by segmenting the attention provided based on function and type of service required by customers. A main menu was created with clearer options, in order to guarantee an efficient distribution of questions and inquiries. As a consequence, the majority of our calls, which ask for information, can be handled by an automatic system; the rest, which entail requests for customized solutions, receive appropriate attention by personal operators. These changes resulted in a 98% service rate for incoming calls.

Our response rate for complaints was 100%, with 57% of them within 48 hours. One of our objectives for 2015 was to have a 30% application rate for satisfaction surveys regarding total complaints registered; our accomplishment was 103%.

By using the Recommendation Rate, we are able to provide our Self-service division with various perception indicators on the soundness of our brand, so that areas of opportunity can be detected and corrected, thus increasing our recommendation score. In 2015, the Recommendation Rate increased for our Supercenter and Bodega Aurrerá formats.

In Central America, each month we measured our customer satisfaction level through the Store Track research tool. In 2015, our Satisfaction Index was 85.5%. G4-PR5

The Consumer Protection and Privacy areas were created, reporting to the Vice President for Compliance. The goal is to ensure the creation and implementation of policies, procedures, and programs that comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards. Moreover, every area of the Company has a Privacy Ambassador in charge of defining the necessary action plans. As a consequence, we received neither claims on privacy violation matters nor on the improper release of customer data in 2015. G4-PR8