The volume and productivity of our logistics network are constantly growing, which is why we look forward to responding to the demand from our stores more efficiently.

Hence, we have worked throughout the year on different programs aimed at speeding up the shift of merchandise to and from our 24 distribution centers located in Mexico and Central America, so that our customers can find the products they are looking for in optimum conditions.

In 2015 over 983 million cases were moved within our distribution centers in Mexico, increasing our Cases per Labor Hour indicator by more than 10%. We drove over 219 million kilometers throughout the country, while considerable fuel savings were accomplished by reducing the number of trips with empty trailers.

By the same token, we have worked hand-in-hand with our suppliers in Central America and improved fillrates. The Cases per Labor Hour indicator in the region increased, as compared to the previous year.

Starting this year we operate the multidisciplinary Freshness Committee, which meets to discuss improvement initiatives for Perishables. One of its most relevant programs involves the Cold Chain and focuses on providing better temperature control for products transported from the distribution centers to the stores. By fitting temperature monitors inside trucks, we help guarantee the freshness of the products making their way to our customers.