During this year we worked to offer our customers a Multichannel shopping experience, which covers a wider scope than that of eCommerce pure play.

The purpose of this strategy is to blend our brick-and-mortar service into our digital one, so that our customers can purchase via any of our channels, whenever and wherever they prefer. Our current communication campaigns delivered through mass media have built synergies between eCommerce and traditional points of sale.

We currently have three internet sites that drive our eCommerce growth:, and We have become online price leaders and worked towards developing a differentiated item file that complements our brick-and-mortar business. All these efforts have paid off with more than 40% growth in traffic throughout all of our internet sites. Also, we are increasingly becoming an option for customers thanks to our performance during seasons and events. An example is the survey conducted by AMIPCI, which determined that our sites were the number one choice to buy online.

We decided to standardize our Internet sites and mobile applications for Grocery and General Merchandise shopping with, in an attempt to speed up the online process and enhance the customer experience. Our Supercenter home-delivery service has been made available in over 50% of our stores in 26 states throughout Mexico. We also have total presence with our kiosks, where trained personnel assist our customers as needed. This work was recognized as the best eCommerce site, where the CNN Expansión portal gave us the 2015 Bit Award.

With relation to, we enhanced the site and the mobile app, now making it possible for our members not only to make payments, but also to buy or renew memberships online.

Changes have been made to our Superama home- delivery fleet to ensure product quality and freshness. We increased our unique customer base by widening our delivery scope to more cities, thus reinforcing the position of as the market leader.

Our physical presence, guarantees, and brand prestige provide our customers with enough contact points for them to feel reassured that their purchases are backed by one of the leading companies in the country.