We keep on looking for innovative technologies and best practices aimed at reducing energy consumption.

In 2013, we challenged ourselves to reduce energy consumption by 20% per square meter of construction for stores in operation in 2010.

In Mexico, energy consumption per same stores was reduced 1.3%, the equivalent to 24.7 million kWh (89,194 GJ). The energy consumption information was obtained from suppliers’ invoices. The conversion factor of 0.0036 GJ/ kWh was used. G4-EN3

We were able to decrease our energy consumption due to our Energy Efficiency Program, which implements such technological initiatives as the following:

  1. Secondary measurement. It consists of installing consumption meters wherever consumption rates are high in the stores, such as refrigerated, illuminated, and air-conditioned areas. This initiative was implemented in 259 stores, with 4% savings in Mexico.
  2. LED illumination. We continue implementing state- of-the-art illumination technology at new stores. Lighting systems using LED lamps were installed in 9 stores, resulting in estimated savings of 12%. We installed LED lighting in Central America in 34 stores.
  1. Open refrigerator doors. We continue following our program to close all refrigerators on the sales floor. Doors were installed in 104 Bodega Aurrera Express stores, resulting in estimated savings of 12%. In Central America, 287 stores have undergone this program.
  2. Automatic doors. Automatic doors were installed at the entrance of 17 Mi Bodega stores to mitigate the loss of energy caused by permanently open doors. The resulting energy savings amount to approximately 4%.
  3. Control systems. Control systems for lighting levels and weatherization were installed in 15 Mi Bodega and Bodega Aurrera Express units, as per outdoor lighting and temperature conditions. Resulting energy savings amount to approximately 8%.