One of our goals is to foster the well-being of our associates by offering work-life balance.

The Flexible Work Week Program for Staff associates consists of adjusted work hours from Monday to Thursday so that Friday afternoons are free. Operations associates have quarterly time off, and Managers and Assistant Managers get one full weekend off per month, in addition to their regular day off. We also offer special work schedules for students.

Postnatal leave for mothers in Staff positions allow them to enjoy time off, pursuant to legislation in force, and progressively return to their normal work schedule by the time the child is seven months old. Mothers in operating units are able to have fixed work schedules during the lactation period. Postnatal paternal leave for Staff offers flex time for the first month and fixed work schedules for single operations parents. Thanks to these initiatives, at December 31, 2015, 78% of associates returned to work after completing their maternal or paternal leave. G4-LA3

During the year we launched campaigns and offered conferences on subjects related to health, well-being, and nutrition to foster a healthy life style. Family Day was held in the six countries where we operate, in which our staff associates were invited to participate with their family members and friends.

Our associates are able to consult an internal microsite for agreements in force, promotions, health related matters, and other subjects of interest, in addition to send in their comments and/or suggestions.