In order to strengthen our value proposition, it is essential to align our Staff associates when making straightforward decisions for each one of our formats. It is through different programs that we work to always have the voice of our customers in mind, so we can adapt our operation according to their needs.

One of the most important projects in the year was Committing to Our Customers, which helped align our Operations, Merchandising, and Marketing teams. Moreover, as part of our internal communication with associates, we have informed them of the opinions expressed by our customers, including why they shop or stop shopping, in order to provide them with a comprehensive and current picture of the market.

Through our Merchandising area in Mexico, we fostered business process simplification and the focus on planning with the specialization of functions within working cells. The aim is to create teams specifically devoted to inventory supply and planning, as well as strategies focused on customer insights. We continue training our associates through our Merchandising Academy, so they can learn more and at the same time optimize the work with our suppliers. Moreover, we keep adding new modules in our Self-service formats in order to better stock our shelves at the stores and make the buying process easier for our customers.

After the positive outcome from centralizing the Merchandising department in Mexico, we decided to replicate this initiative in Central America. Our goal is to focus on prices, leverage our expertise by divisions, and continue developing our Private Labels. Actions like these drive us to work with a higher degree of focus and efficiency with our suppliers, thereby meeting the needs of our customers in the countries that we serve.

We continue to be a Company operating with the highest efficiency standards, which can be witnessed by the ISO 9001 certification we have obtained for Logistics, Administration and Finance, Accounting, Operating Finance, Tax Compliance, and Payroll Taxes.