We have a workforce rich in valuable experiences, capacities, and results, which is evident in actions that continuously generate and reinforce equal opportunities.

The objective of our Equality and Inclusion Policy is to ensure equal opportunities and non-discrimination throughout all levels of the organization; therefore, our hiring criteria focuses on seeking the best candidate for the position, regardless of whether he/she is a local resident or not. The process consists of interviews, selection, psychometric testing, interviews by the format committee, economic offering, document requests, onboarding, and the start of training. In 2015, 94% of top management associates were hired locally to fill positions as Assistant Directors, Directors, and Vice Presidents. In Central America, in keeping with local legislation, local residents have preference to a job, 88% of top management associates were hired locally to fill executive positions. G4-EC6

Wage differences are never based on gender, age, religion, sexual preference, or political ideology. We have a wage band; existing differences are based on the individual performance of each associate through annual evaluations, seniority, and competencies that are described in the Harassment and Discrimination-Free Work Atmosphere Policy. G4-LA13

Because we are convinced of the importance of having equal opportunities, where talent is above all else, we have an Equality and Inclusion Policy, with the sole purpose of fostering a diverse workforce. As of December 31, 2015, our headcount included 645 associates with some type of disability, working in the region. G4-LA12

As part of our Talent Attraction process for executive positions in Central America, we achieved the incorporation of women for 94% of the candidates suggested as part of the external selection process, thus balancing out the hiring of men and women by 50%.

We have an Equality and Inclusion Advisory Board (CCII, per its acronym in Spanish) which consists of top leaders and whose objective is to promote strategies, programs, and initiatives that allow us to identify, promote, and retain talent, thus increasing the participation of men and women at all levels of the organization.

In order to improve the approach, CCII is divided into four committees: Cultural Transformation, Governance and Processes, Work Flexibility, and Training and Development. The primary results for Mexico:

  1. Dissemination Equality and Inclusion Policy
  2. 2015 Gender Equality Model certification, with a score of“A”
  3. Execution of an agreement with the Telethon Foundation, to incorporate persons with disabilities
  4. Awareness in subjects related to disabilities
  5. Follow-up on the incorporation of persons with disabilities
  6. Continued dissemination of the Policies on Special Maternity and Paternity Leave

The Reach High! Program focuses on high-potential female directors, with the purpose of promoting their development in skills such as strategic thinking, networking, and innovation. This is achievable through the exchange of both internal and outside experiences, and the know-how other female associates have regarding the business. There are currently 12 directors from different areas involved in the program.

The Special Diploma Course on Female Leadership strengthens our management talent, and fosters their involvement in different organizational opportunities. In this way, those who participate acquire the self- confidence and esteem to network with other leaders throughout the organization. Since the beginning of the course in 2010, 980 female associates have successfully graduated, of which 19% have been promoted.

Our Women in Retail Program ensures having a solid base of female talent needed for the growth of our Company, through actions and initiatives that promote the development of skills and competencies during a three-year period. By the close of 2015, 301 female associates for generations 1 and 2 are enrolled in the program, of which 21% have been promoted.

We launched the first generation of group workshops in Central America through our Mentoring Circles; forums with female leaders from other multinational organizations; and discussion panels with the presence of top management discussing gender issues and key businesses for their position. By the close of 2015, 121 store associates have participated, of which 10% of these women have been promoted.

In Central America we created the Female Network Program, which seeks to reinforce and broaden the development and support of women executives, with the opportunity to exchange know-how, best practices, concerns, and needs. Male leaders and outstanding figures from the Central American business community participated.