We are committed in all countries where we operate, to fully comply with all laws and regulations governing wages and schedules, including overtime pay, breaks, meal breaks, days off, severance pay, minimum wage requirements, forced labor, the ban on hiring underage workers or foreigners lacking the proper work permits, and the payment of all benefits established by labor legislation in force.

To be a product or service supplier, it is indispensable to firmly establish the terms and conditions of the commercial relationship, including all obligations pertaining to full compliance with applicable legal provisions and with labor responsibilities. G4-HR4, HR5, HR6

The Company complies with, and exceeds, minimum wage levels set forth by law. Depending on the geographical area, our general wage band is between 39.4% over the average minimum wage in Mexico.

We follow the pension plan in force, pursuant to the laws of each country. As an additional benefit, at the moment of retirement from the Company, three months of wages, as per our Employee Separation Policy. G4-EC3

We have responded to 6,237 lawsuits, accrued to 2015 and from previous years, filed by 5,444 associates and by 793 suppliers, of which 5,329 associate lawsuits and 239 supplier lawsuits were concluded in 2015. G4-LA16