Total sales in Mexico grew 8.3%, whereas those stores in operation a year or more grew their sales by 6.4%. This was due in part to better insight into our customers, thereby allowing us to achieve improvements in our value proposition by format and letting us grow consistently in all regions of the country, even more than the rest of ANTAD’s Self-service & Clubs segment.

This improvement in our value proposition was supported by various advertising campaigns, such as Markdowns, Loose Change and shopping occasions such as El Buen Fin. At the same time, we continued working in conjunction with our eCommerce division, the purpose being to continue driving the connection between our brick-and-mortar and digital businesses, thereby supplementing the product catalog available to our customers.

By the same token, total sales in Central America grew 7.3% while same-store sales increased by 4.7%, both on a constant currency basis. In 2015, as a result of detailed planning and understanding of our customers, we worked on increasing traffic in Food, Consumables and General Merchandise, supported by improvements in assortment and service.

We also focused on increasing sales from our Private Label products and delivering consistent execution throughout the year and during the region’s more important selling seasons, such as Top Markdown Day, and Black Weekend, turning into greater appreciation by our customers in terms of value, quality, and price.